Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, I have arrived on Landroval and have begun sorting through the mess the movers left with me.

It could have been an easy move.  Take Andu, take a few coins, kick some butt on Landroval, -simple.

There is a problem though; Andurula is an ore whore.  Not just that I collect extra ore but I collect every scrap of craft material I can lay my hands on.  To be the best you have to have the best equipment and the best equipment in LOTRO  comes from crafting.  Occasionally, a high level instance will grant something pretty and perhaps slightly superior to crafted gear but overall, there is no substitute for home crafted gear.

It isn't enough to have a sufficient supply for the next year or two.  I need enough supplies to start a friend on the right path to crafting.  Some days my friends laugh at me for my hoarding but the day always comes when they think, "hmmm... wouldn't it be nice if I could craft scholar potions... at Westfold level" When that day comes, Andu is your daddy.  Sit down dear friend and click these buttons. In four hours you too will be a Westfold scholar. Now make me some Athelas potions.

So, I arrived yesterday on Landroval with stuffed bags and I am in the process of sorting it out.  I am also going through my cosmetics collection.  In the past, a decent set of armour was all Andu needed to look his best but now that he is on Landroval, he needs to step up his game.  This is the land after all where rose colored hawtpants are all the rage ( see Aegthil's blog for the disturbing pictures). So, I am sorting through my wardrobe and putting my favorite scholar friend (Gwidian the dorf) to work mixing up dyes for a new and unique look to my wardrobe.

I really wish I could buy more storage space.

Now I have to think about buying a local home.  I have always been fond of the elven architecture around Duillond and its a nice quiet place to rest after my conquests.  I think I am going to look around there and see what's available.

Until next time my friends,


Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the Beginning

The decision was made. Andu is moving to Landroval. With this time of change it seemed a good moment to open a blog as a focal point for all my adoring fans to gather their praise in one location. You all love me I know and I love to hear it again and again. You are all the bestest of fans.

Who am I?!

oh dear, it seems you have been in a dark dark cave for far too long. Let me illuminate you so that you may bask in my greatness.

I am Andurula Rochir. Born in Bree, of Gladden server. I grew up alone among the wild things and exploring the dangerous ways leaving orc corpses wherever I went. As a young adult, I was riding along outside of Esteldin, North Downs when a call came out for help subduing the ancient fortress of Fornost. Never one to ignore the calls of the distressed, I answered the call and thereby became associated with that fine organization that went by the name "Something, Something, Taters. They were a close knit talented group on the rise and I rose alongside them. Along the way they taught me things like "rep items are to be used for reputation, not sold as junk". Imagine how my life could have been if I hadn't been throwing out that crap for all those forty odd levels....

Anyway... My new friends were: Dwalic, a dorf Guardian wise in the way of group tactics and the hidden back ways that led to our victory, Leilal the exceptionally talented elven Minstrel (really, I mean really talented, never have seen a better one since; simply mind blowingly amazing) Aliannah, the courageous elven hunter that got me into trouble more often than I can count. Need a partner for a suicidal mission?... Ali will always be there. Emden, a fine man Captain who buffed me exceptional well. I leave what that means to your imagination. Emden had a thing for bears though so please don't hurt them when he is around. I, of course, was the perfect complement for the team with my sustained dps. I could then and can now keep the pressure up for hours and hours and never get tired. My stamina is truly amazing.

This team took me from North Downs to the Misty Mountains, to Moria, to Lothlorien and Mirkwood. As I traveled far my fame could only spread earning me the title "Champion of Eriador". I have a keepsake of that award around here somewhere...

As with all things though, the end must come and that fabulous team slowly wandered off to new adventures. A few remain and we run into each other occasionally on some random quest or another. Alone, I maintained the pressure on Saruman pushing his forces back from Dunland and to the very gates of Rohan (metaphorically speaking since there is no gate leading into Rohan).

Along the way, I accepted a position as mentor to a rather hard headed and obstinate Lore Master that doesn't understand the intricacies of aggro management. While talented she still tends to tank fights and generally makes my life difficult. Morageth, I love you as only a man can love an elf.

With most of the evil worlds cowed to my exceptionalism I have taken to more leisurely pursuits such as attending concerts and making videos and trying couples dancing. Killing orcs is easy for someone as exceptional as me, dancing side by side with a partner and not stepping all over them is hard. Really hard.

So that brings me to today. At the moment, my bags are packed and I am ready for the new world of Landroval. I have done a little preliminary scouting in the Rohan and am gearing up for a new campaign coming this September. I could tell you more of those plans but then I would have to cut out your tongue. The Gods of Turbine are rather serious about keeping one's mouth shut about upcoming campaigns.

Photos, videos, interesting links and occasional nude photos of me vacationing on the beach in my speedo are coming. Please stay tuned.

Yours Truly,


Oh, maybe a quick photo to color up a dull blog page. This comes from a Tier 2 instance versus the dragon Draigoch. Naturally, I kicked his flaming butt.