Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It. Is. Done.

I read somewhere recently that your film is done production when you are too sick to look at it any more.  I think I have reached that point.  There is clearly room for improvement and my methods changed a bit during the eight months or so that I was tinkering with this but overall I am happy with it.  Next time will be better and I am ready to move on to that "next time".

Sorry for the awful thumbnail.  The video is hosted through youtube and it was the best of the three awful options offered to me.

The video was part of an experiment to tell a simple story without text, dialogue or music.  I wanted to tell a story just with video clips and see how well I could do it.  It starts off a bit too slow but I hope it gets fast enough later before my audience is put to sleep.

I am pretty sure Ruset is glad I am done too.  He has been sitting around a lot waiting for the mood to strike and the cameras to roll.  I think he is a bit anxious to get back to serious burg work.

In other news, I was visiting the west rohan the other day and told not to come back.  I didn't really want to be there anyway. 

That's it for now.  I just wanted to get the video announced so I can get back to other things.... like a couple of other video ideas that I have been toying with...  Funny, I couldn't stand to look at the video editor any longer two days ago and today I find myself dreaming of some new projects that just won't go away. 

Don't worry Ruset, you won't be asked to act in the next one ;-)