Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rohan slowdown

To be honest, the shine on the Rohan campaign is starting to lose a bit of its luster.  Overall I am still happy with the project but I find myself participating less than usual this week. 

Mostly this is because of the strange illness that so many people in Middle Earth seem to be experiencing.  I myself am not seeing things as clearly or as far away as I would like and I have found myself blacking out occasionally and feeling an irrisistable urge to moonwalk.  My friend, the Tanking LM, aka, Mora Death gets these strange urgings many times a day; sometimes several times an hour.  It is funny the first time or two but after a few weeks it is starting to get old.

Many of my friends are experiencing similar blackouts and worse.  Several have been experiencing severe visual abnormalities and the feeling of 'rubber banding' back and forth.  If they sit still everything is okay but as soon as they move it all goes bad.  Heaven forbid they decide to tackle a warband. Then it becomes a series of blackouts and rubber banding that makes the whole Rohan campaign a major drag.

My symptons are not so bad as many of my friends but they are slowly impacting my enthusiasm for the campaign.  I have felt like taking a break for a bit and letting the LOTRO Gods work it all out.  I am sure it will resolve itself at some point but at THIS point the fun factor is slowly slipping.

Obviously working on my own moving sketches under these conditions is out of the question and that project is currently stalled.

At times like these I am often tempted to visit an alternate reality sometimes referred to as the EVE universe.  Middle Earth is my true home but on occasion the temptation to release my inner capitalist gets the best of me and I want to go out and mine asteroids.

The EVE universe is very very different from Middle Earth and I think that is what draws me.  EVE is probably the coldest and most ruthless place I know but after learning my boundaries the hard way I find I can comfortably craft to my heart's content.  Building stuff in EVE is awesome as virtually everything a person can touch or operate is in fact created by people just like myself.  It is a huge and complex world of crafting and I like that.

I have not totally abandoned Middle Earth this week.  I have continued to follow the path set forth by the Lady Galadriel and I have hunted down many warbands.  Last night I took out some dude named Bugud with a small group.  It was actually the first real challenge I have had in a few weeks which was a nice change.  During the fight one of my friends blacked out and started moonwalking.  While mocking him, a second companion started doing the same thing.  I travelled to EVE before the same could happen to me...

Hang in there my friends and if any of you get that strange urge to crush space rocks into valuable commondities I can hook you up.

Laters Taters.