Sunday, August 5, 2012

Settling in

Andurula has a new house.

With max'ed out storage space this isn't as important as it used to be but it is still a nice place to relax and meet friends far from the troubles of the outside world.

I have always liked the relative quiet of Erid Luin and its a nice diversified area with elves and dwarves around so I did some snooping in the Falathlorn Homesteads.  I found a great community in Imrath Irvin and I would really liked to have purchased there but it was quite full with only one house available way at the back and no room for me to invite some friends to come and join me with their own houses.  So instead I have invested in Lin Adverthad (spelling?) and a couple of old friends have purchased around me.  It is possibly not in the best location but the view out the front door is fantastic.

 And it is very close to the vault and other community vendors which is very convenient.  I really like the small houses with small docks around back for my private fishing parties. The problem for me is the dock is only available on the smaller homes and with all the parties I tend to host the larger 'deluxe' home was more suited to my needs. I settled with having a stream in my backyard.

The community of Lin Aderthad is quite new which I hope means it will be an active community for a while.  I feel a real problem with the housing system in general is that abandoned houses can never be repossessed and re-sold.  That leads to very dead villages after awhile.  I have had conversations with people who know the Lotro Gods and apparently the Gods are less than unconcerned with the housing issue so I guess it will just be my private beef.  It could be so much better with active villages but it just isn't going to happen. On a plus note, since I am close to the main entrance in my village, I can very quickly pop out and pop into that other village of Imrath Irvin which seems to be the one variation from the dead village theme in Lotro. I hear there are some really great parties over there and I am looking forward to dropping in on them.  No, I don't crash parties, sometimes though people are unaware that they should have invited me  I just have to remind them occasionally.

Not much happening on the battle front.  I have been making my presence felt on the borders of  Rohan, increasing my fame and generally polishing my weapons for a move into Rohan proper which should be happening within a month or so. 

My friend Ruset, a hobbit burglar of some skill, whom  you might hear me speak of occasionally has been busy in Mirkwook trying to earn enough fame to be granted one of those really cool black horses the elves there breed.  Ruset is really keen to have a black horse to match his black stealth costume.

My lazy (half) brother  Bjedde recently made himself quite famous in Bree snooping around the Barrows and really shows some talent except he is more concerned with attending concerts and learning yet another dance move.  I wouldn't be surprised if he turns in his dual daggers and buys a harp in order to play in a band. That is the kind of sissy he is.

My buddy Stiehle, a hobbit hunter and leader of the kin "La Grande Armee of the Shire" (bit of an oxymoron isn't it?) took enough time off from chasing girl hobbits and flirting with elves to clear Weathertop of some nasties and help a scraggly Ranger type with some issues with black robed horsemen. Not quite sure what that is about. I haven't seen him in awhile but I hear reports from his friend Saffyyre that they have been hunting / working together out in the Lone Lands.

Near future plans will keep me on the borders of Rohan making my fame greater by the day.  Making weapons is also taking up quite a bit of my time lately and will probably continue to do so.  Maybe in my next blog I will let one of my friends tell a little something about themselves.  Until the great campaign into the Rohan starts there isn't much work for a Champion as skilled as I am which makes blog posting a bit mundane and pointless.  Hopefully some of my lesser friends can entertain you in my absence. 

Until next time friends,

Go smoosh some orcs ;-)


The new address is 1 Twinfall path.  Feel free to drop by, the door is always open.  The chests of course will be locked as there is currently a thief on the loose and many people have been complaining about it.  I never leave much in there anyway other than some crafting materials (have I mentioned recently that I am an ore whore?)  Anyone that needs access my chests has it.  If you can't get in then you probably don't need to be there.  Anyway, the house is only partialy decorated but feel free to drop by anytime.  If you use the place for a wild orgy please, invite me so I can join, and clean up when you are done.  Not too much to ask I think.  Laters...