Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Julfest!

Just wanted to get a quick Happy Julfest in to all my adoring fans before the holiday festivites start.

I have been busy celebrating and running errands in Frostbluff and of course collecting mountains of those snowballs Andu is so famous for.  Nothing is quite so satisfying as putting a wet slushy snowball right in someone's kisser when they don't suspect it.

When I heard about the renovations to Bree I suggested to my short accolyte Brorlion Badaxe, who was visiting Bree on a training mission, that he should take some pictures of Bree before it changes so that we can all remember it year later.  I took his rather sloppy collection of pictures and mixed them up with some pictures taken after the renovations for the comparisons.

I want to once again wish everyone a happy holiday season of orc smooshing, minecracking, asteroid busting or anything else that makes them happy. 

Catch you all on the flip side of the New Year!

God Jul og Godt Nytt Aar!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Artistic Distractions

Its hard to get anything done when I have so many creative thoughts running through my head. 

I owe this bit of inspiration to Moragaeth Elendir.  She was telling me about a favorite song of hers and ten minutes later I was creating the raw footage that would become this moving picture.  I am not usually drawn to create music videos but this one just wouldn't let go.

 Of course this little bit prevented me from working on several other projects I have in development as well as kept me far away from Rohan.  Oh well, plenty of time I guess.

I am very exited today because one of my favorite artists will be in concert today- Achazia.  Sadly she resides on Laurelin so I won't be attending personally but I have a distant cousin that has promised me to tell me everything about it and draw lots of pictures as well.

I continue to train my young protege, Brorlion Badaxe, in the art of becoming a Champion.  I sent him on a little tour of Bree yesterday to sketch what he saw.  Very soon, the town will be getting a major upgrade and I know someday I will be happy to look back and remember when Bree was a sleepy little backwater town.

My siren of inspiration calls and I have to follow.  Someday I might get back to orc smooshing.  Until then, smoosh all you can in my stead.

As the short people say, Baruk Khazad!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rohan Souvenirs

The most important thing that has happened to me in weeks and I forgot to mention it in my post yesterday. 

Seems every little village in Rohan wants to give away a banner if you help them in the least little bit. On the other hand, some banners are VERY hard to come by.

This one for example.

I can't begin to tell you what I had to do to get one of these.  You wouldn't believe me if I did.  Let's just say I used all my Awesome Champ persuassion both fair and foul and did a few deeds that would probably get me locked up in jail in some countries.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Not dead, Busy.

No my loyal fans, I am not dead; my corpse does not fertilize the flowers of Rohan.  I have found myself too busy to contribute much to the Rohan campaign lately though.

Recently a  young dwarf with ambitions of being a great champion came to seek me out in Bree.  He had run out of things to do in Ered Luin and came to Bree to see a famous champion.  Once that introduction was made he came to see me, naturally, to seek out my pearls of Champ wisdom.  Brorlion Badaxe is  young and brash and shows great promise. Perhaps someday he will be as famous as me and have his own blog.  Here he is packed and ready to leave his home in Thorins Hall with his good friend Framrolf.  Brorlion is the dwarf with the fancy hat not the guy with the funny haircut.

Recently I was also commisioned to create a  moving picture for the Bounders of the Shire.  I decided to draw a cartoon human announcer and overlay her image onto a familiar scene in Hobbiton.  Yes, I really am that creative.  A nasty little hobbit was griefing me but I think overall the moving picture came out okay.  It is the Bounders after all.  Not a real force to be reckoned with.

My recent illness seems to be passing slowly allowing me to press ahead with some other moving picture projects.  I have no plans to release anything soon but I am making good progress on an admitted, avant garde, production.

And that is about it. See you on the plains of Rohan ;-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rohan slowdown

To be honest, the shine on the Rohan campaign is starting to lose a bit of its luster.  Overall I am still happy with the project but I find myself participating less than usual this week. 

Mostly this is because of the strange illness that so many people in Middle Earth seem to be experiencing.  I myself am not seeing things as clearly or as far away as I would like and I have found myself blacking out occasionally and feeling an irrisistable urge to moonwalk.  My friend, the Tanking LM, aka, Mora Death gets these strange urgings many times a day; sometimes several times an hour.  It is funny the first time or two but after a few weeks it is starting to get old.

Many of my friends are experiencing similar blackouts and worse.  Several have been experiencing severe visual abnormalities and the feeling of 'rubber banding' back and forth.  If they sit still everything is okay but as soon as they move it all goes bad.  Heaven forbid they decide to tackle a warband. Then it becomes a series of blackouts and rubber banding that makes the whole Rohan campaign a major drag.

My symptons are not so bad as many of my friends but they are slowly impacting my enthusiasm for the campaign.  I have felt like taking a break for a bit and letting the LOTRO Gods work it all out.  I am sure it will resolve itself at some point but at THIS point the fun factor is slowly slipping.

Obviously working on my own moving sketches under these conditions is out of the question and that project is currently stalled.

At times like these I am often tempted to visit an alternate reality sometimes referred to as the EVE universe.  Middle Earth is my true home but on occasion the temptation to release my inner capitalist gets the best of me and I want to go out and mine asteroids.

The EVE universe is very very different from Middle Earth and I think that is what draws me.  EVE is probably the coldest and most ruthless place I know but after learning my boundaries the hard way I find I can comfortably craft to my heart's content.  Building stuff in EVE is awesome as virtually everything a person can touch or operate is in fact created by people just like myself.  It is a huge and complex world of crafting and I like that.

I have not totally abandoned Middle Earth this week.  I have continued to follow the path set forth by the Lady Galadriel and I have hunted down many warbands.  Last night I took out some dude named Bugud with a small group.  It was actually the first real challenge I have had in a few weeks which was a nice change.  During the fight one of my friends blacked out and started moonwalking.  While mocking him, a second companion started doing the same thing.  I travelled to EVE before the same could happen to me...

Hang in there my friends and if any of you get that strange urge to crush space rocks into valuable commondities I can hook you up.

Laters Taters.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Here!!

The new BBB video starring moi is here.  Well not exactly starring moi but moi played a crucial role.  Well, not exactly crucial but there were moments where moi's inputs were highly valued.  Well not exactly highly valued but important.  I am not sure if 'important' is the right word but we will leave it at that.

Maybe now BBB will leave me alone and I can get back to work on my own video projects.

So, I was on a bit of a vacation this week.  I figured with the release of the new video I needed to lay low as to avoid the crush of my adoring fans.  Every time something like this is released I get mobbed for interviews, autographs, etc. and I really had other things I needed to attend to.  When I got back I decided to visit The Lady Galadriel.  For some reason she was walking a bit crooked and seemed a  little tired but a Champ never asks about such things and she had business that needed my skills so I kept the conversation to the business at hand.

First order of business was to take a tatooed lady on a tour of Galadriel's city and then a boat tour down the Anduin.  The boat tour turned into a bit of a circus with the tatooed lady, an elf, a guy from Rohan, myself, and a friend of mine known to some as The Tanking Lore Master.  Others know her as Mora's Dead for her frequent trips to the stone circles.  More properly she is referred to as Moragaeth Elandir.  We wound up disembarking near the Argonoth. 

I think our Rohan horses we aquired last week were glad to be off the boats.

We found some evidence of another odd group of travelers having passed through recently.  Judging by a mess of blood and guts we found I would say that group is a bit smaller than it started out as.  If I had been there their story would have been different but alas our travels never intersected and I can only be responsible for so much. That group split up and I suspect they will be fine now.

What with my recent fame and vacation and running errands for the Lady Galadriel I haven't had much time for exploring the rest of Rohan. 

I have noticed a lot of odd things in Rohan.  For instance, this arrow seemed unwilling to lay on the ground like a proper arrow should after flight.

Ah well. I am sure things will return to something more normal soon-ish.

And with that I think it is time for me to go smoosh some orcs.

Keep the dirty side down.



I just thought I would pass along this link to the Stat Checker .  Here you can compare your or someone you know's stats with other people on the server.  It is still in development but the results are already proving very interesting.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cosmetic LOTRO on Warsteed pricing

Hymne over at Cosmetic Lotro really hit the nail on the head with the new warsteed pricing. Just a beautiful mix of outfit design, screenshot and writing.

You really need to read it.

Onto the fields of Rohan

Greetings from Rohan!

All in all it has been a superb campaign though not without some significant technical difficulties.  Many people who planned on entering Rohan have been stopped at the border with various issues. My heart goes out to them who are missing the greatest campaign in the past several years and  I sincerely hope they will be able to join the front lines soon.

Myself, I find it necessary to take a pause often, initally roughly every half an hour  but now only every couple of hours or so.  Avoiding doors seems to help too.  These pauses come without schedules or timetables and I have found it quite annoying to be taking down a particularly bad boss only to find myself frozen in space/time and wake up at a later date.  So far I haven't visited those circular stone rings but odds are it will happen sooner or later.

I have some pictures but due to other technical difficulties I have had to sketch with some very broad strokes. Apparently, applying too much detail to my pictures causes these momentary loss of conciousness'.  I can only hope the whole mess is resolved soon.  It is a real shame because everything in Rohan just feels... sharper, more colorful, better, somehow. Oddly, when I cheer no sound comes out... very odd...

As you can see the people of Rohan have provided me with one of their mounts and I am quite happy with her.  I was offered this red roan and I was quite grateful and even more grateful when I learned how expensive any horse that isn't colored white can be.  Frightfully expensive and all those things people like to put on their horses are just as bad so I don't expect my fashion sense to be well displayed with my mounts.  Apparently non white colored horse breeders are making so much money they don't need to sell many horses.  Hopefully that market will change soon but knowing the breeders I have little hope.  Here you can read more about it.

Managing the horse itself hasn't been too hard.  I did learn one hard lesson.  After being shown how to ride one of these peculiar horses I was given a bridle and asked to 'identify' it first before using it. Whatever. The forge guy I went too must have misunderstood me because the next thing I knew he broke the bridle in half and gave me this little relic.  I was not amused.  I guess people in Rohan don't hear very well.

I have been feeling over prepared actually.  These orcs and easterlings and other bad thingies have had rediculously poor training.  I can hardly stay awake while chewing my way through them.  It is really sad how easy it all is.  Boring almost.

Oh well, the scenery is fantastic.  The people all have very interesting stories.  I am really enjoying my wanderings.  I say wanderings because it really isn't tough enough to be called a campaign.  I look at the pretty scenery, pick a few flowers, swat a few orcs, and move on. 

So far I have explored the Wolds, the East Wall and a fair amount of area in the Norcrofts.  Since so many of my friends are still trying to pass customs at the border I am moving slow, taking my time,   talking to everyone, and generally experiencing a pleasant and entertaining vacation. Not at all the aggressive campaign I was planning on.  I have been promised a new 'level' of 85 (is that like a rank?)and I am half way there already.  I suppose I have new skills to learn but I really haven't needed half the skills I have already so I haven't bothered with training any new skills yet. 

Here I am just watching the moon rise over Amon Hen.  I have always heard about the place and it is really great to sit on the seat where so many kings have farted before me.

So that is about it.  I will be taking a break this weekend and won't be back until next week sometime where I will probably answer the plea from Lady Galadriel.  Hopefully by then I will have friends that can join me and keep me company.  I don't care if they help me.  Hopefully they will keep me from falling asleep mid-swing though. Very embarrasing to forget you are fighting a drooling fool of an orc as it swings repeatedly at you (and misses most of the time...)  I am seriously considering leaving my armor at home and fighting in the nude just for some excitement.  Easy is not the Champ way.

Laters Taters, go smoosh some orcs, and try to stay awake...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rohan checklist

100 Westfold Athelas potions... check
minimum 20 each Westfold power, wound, fear, disease, poison potions... check
100 bilberry pies... check
100 Rarebit muffins... check.
20 Battle scrolls... check.
10 fervor potions.. check.
Legendary weapons and runes... check.
Weapons and jewelry ... check.
Weaponsmith guild reputation tokens stockpiled... check.

Empty out bags to make room for new loot..... errrr... check.

Stationed at forward postion near Parth Celebrant... check.

Andu is ready to kick some Rohan orc butt!

That about sums up the activities for the week.

I did manage to make a little time for some target practice with the new bow I recently had made for me.

In some spare time yesterday I also managed to contribure my acting talents to the upcoming BBB epic motion picture currently in mid production.

Here I am playing the part of 'corpse #4'.  I was told I was especially chosen for this role.

I managed to get off this snapshot while positioning for a 'charge in column' shot with 20 other riders.

Besides Rohan prep and making motion pictures not much to report.  I have been debating whether to make my first contributions to the Rohan campaign on the front lines at Parth Celebrant or to honor a special request from the Lady Galadriel.  In the end, I decided to participate in the initial assault and ensure our success there before making an appearance before the Lady of Breasts (my nickname for the very well endowed Galadriel).

I got a postcard from my friend Storbjorn this week.  He has finally decided to move his Thorins Hall metalsmithing operations to Forochel. I think he was just getting tired of Erid Luin and wanted a change.  He will certainly find it there in Forochel. Plenty of snow and ice to keep him company. 

and just to be first with a 'Ride into Rohan moving picture that wasn't shot on a test server I put this little thing together.

Ride over the bridge to Rohan

That's it.  New Worlds to conquer and Andu will be there!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moving picture worth watching

Hey all my adoring fans,  I just came across this moving picture that I think is worth a look.  The camera work, video editing and storyline is great.  I find the naration a little tough on the ears but all in all a great production.

Final prep for the Rohan campaign is underway.  Update to follow shortly...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The week's review

 I had to change my password again as my silly step brother managed to gain access to the blog.  Sorry about that.  It has been a varied sort of week.  With less than 10 days before the Rohan campaign I have been working on some minor deeds and activities to keep me up at fighting strength.  A champ goes soft with too much dancing and music.  Just look at my step brother if you don't believe me.

The week started... back at the marsh.  I was sure I was done with that annoying area but my good friend and expert tanking lore master Moragaeth, was having trouble hunting down those pesky bugs that inhabit that particular marsh so back I went; again.

After that particular ordeal Mora invited me to attend a local dance in Bree.  With her new dress from Rivendell who was I to say no?

I have been doing some horse buying.  A few days ago I  realized that there were horse breeds not adequately represented in my stables so I spent some time visiting various organizations and purchasing the best mounts I could find from them.  I think I bought four or five new studs in all for the family breeding operations outside of Bree.  There still remains one elusive mount I need to purchase. Those Stangard people insist on payment with gold Anduin River tokens, of which supply I recently exhausted on various shiny bits that make me stronger and faster.  That meant a return to the area to aquire more cash for the horses that I simply must have.  There is no such thing as too many horses.

While re-visting some of those areas I met up with the great eagle Landroval.  Being a new resident of the server named after the Great One, I felt it my duty to show my respects.

Once again my acting talents were requested, this time playing the role of an Easterling. It was fun dressing up in their funny colorful outfits. I would show a picture but that would violate my non-disclosure agreement.  Let's just say Andu looks pretty good in purple.

Probably the most important event of the week, that was improved by my appearance, was a concert and benefit walk for Child's Play Charity.  After a very nice and lively concert in the Old Forest a large number of us made the walk to the peak of Weathertop.  I took some moving sketches along the way. 

And that brings everyone up to date on their favorite Champ. 

Until next time... go smoosh some orcs!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick shout for Laurelin talent

I just came across this and wanted to send a shout out for Achazia Songweaver (youtube account achazia74) and the LOTRO music group 'The Shades' on Laurelin server.

I may have to send a scout over there to check it out.  Really great talent.

-now get back to smooshing those nasty orcs!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Step Brother speaks

It has come to my attention that my obnoxious, egotistical and delusional brother, Andurula has been filling Internets with more useless fluff and talking about me, his older brother Bjedde, in some less than flattering tones. I am writing to set the record straight.

First of all.  I DO get out of Bree occasionally.  For proof see a picture of me taken in front of the (easily recognizable) gates of Trestlebridge.

Yes, in fact, I do occasionaly get out of Bree.  I spend a fair amount of time sniffing around for treasure in the barrows actually.  I just prefer Bree and its activities more than Andurula does.  Andu won't admit he needs fashion help but I hold the keys to his wardrobe and without me he would be running around in his underwear.  No one wants to see that.

Yes, I have tried the bagpipes.  I haven't decided if I am going to continue with my training or not yet.  It all started when I ran into a collection of sheet music organized by Beobrand.  You can blame him for that. 

Andurula is my brother even if Andu keeps insisting we are only half brothers.  I am considerably older than Andu and was born in the Dalelands where the family was in the horse raising business.  That business came to an end 50 odd years ago when some meddling dwarves woke up Smaug and the family farm was part of the collateral damage.  With scorched lands. the breeding stock cooked, marching armies in our backyard and the possibility that Smaug was not alone my mother made the decision to head west into new territory.  When you are running from dragons you have to go a long ways. That is how the family came to Breelands.

Now Andu is very proud of the the family name 'Rochir' which means 'horse lord' in Sindarin.  What he overlooks is the fact that he is not an elf and he doesn't speak Sindarin.  Our family has been in the horse business for as long as anyone can tell and it is possible that at some point the family had business with elves.  Now I will say we did have some great breeding stock and our horses were known far and wide before Smaug changed everything.  It is my belief that at some point, elves heard of our horses and came looking for us.  I believe in their inquiries they used the  term 'Rochir' or horse lord to identify the guy that had the horses.  Knowing the hautiness of the elven folk it is even likely that the term was used in sarcasm.  Who knows.  I do know that no one in our family has ever been referred to as a lord.  Perhaps a more likely story is that during my mother's trip west to Eriador and Breeland they elicitied help from the elves.  Had they taken a look at the face of the swaddling Andurula they could have remarked that judging by his nose his father must have been a horse and spoke the 'horse lord' title at that point.  My mother never told and we will never know.

The tradition of raising horses continues in our family and the few (uncooked) breeding mares we possessed after Smaug's desolation traveled with us from Dale to Bree and form part of the lineage of the superior Bree horses seen around today. 

Here is another picture of me in my working outfit exercising one of the new colts.  If the horse looks familiar then you have probably seen some of our family's  equine heritage.

I hope this sets the record straight.  If you see me around Bree feel free to give me a wave.  If you have messages for Andu I can usually find him or get a hold of him.  If Andu is dressed in something other than armor you can thank me for that.  Except for when he wears the yellow dress.  I take no responsibility for that.

One last thing that I wanted to share.  I recently discovered a blog post from the LOTRO Stylist which I think is a godsend for us non combative, non level seeking inhabitants. How to Look Stylish at any level . In this post you will find everything that is available without lifing a sword, dagger, or staff.  Its my new favorite website!  Really well done.

Bjedde (Rochir)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movie Stardom

Champion of Eriador, Protector of Lothlorien Warlord of Angmar and now ... Famous Moving Picture Celebrity!

Well, nearly at least.

My great and many talents were recently noticed by that most talented and occasionally disruptive group known as the BBB and I was invited to participate in a short sequence of moving picture shots for what is going to be an absolutely epic production.  Filming will continue for another month or two and editing will most likely keep the BBB busy in the editing room for even longer but I suspect this film is going to be worth waiting for. 

This time I played only a minor role but I am sure I will be getting more callbacks soon once my theatrical talents hit the big screen.

My friend Ruset is starring in another production that is proceeding well albeit slowly.  This past weekend he was spotted resting between shoots with chief camera operator, Buttertoes  Fleetfoot.  It is really good to have Butter's talents here on Landroval and I hope she enjoys her new home.

In other news, and giving fair warning to the residents of Bree, my sissy half brother has decided to take up the bagpipes.  If you love bagpipes you might find Bjedde's playing bearable.  If you are like the rest of us I suggest running on sight or at least cutting your ears off.  A young lady minstrel found herself in a tight spot the other day and (un)fortunately the cameras were rolling.  The result was a short moving picture clip that was taken on the fly with no intentions at the time of putting together into something viewable.  The results were acceptable but could be improved if the bagpipes were silent...

So, in real news, the Riders of Stangard have been heaping praise on my exploits and consider me one of their own.  They haven't offered me one of their horses yet but I expect to have one in my vast stables any day now.  Still waiting for the Rohan campaign.  I expect to make my presence felt in the Limlight Gorge soon.  Friends of mine have been begging me to help them with some minor orc bashing business.  Who am I to neglect my friends?...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello there readers of Andurula's blog, Ruset here filling in for the Most Absent Champ.

Andu feigns distaste for 'silly' festivals and has asked me to fill in this week for him since he doesn't want to be anywhere near the festivities which he deems beneath his standards.  Personally, I wonder since every time a festival opens up Andu is no where to be seen.  He might be off fighting orcs or he just might be shopping for a new dress. Who knows, but I know what I prefer to believe.

Anyway, here I am filling in for Andu.

Oops, sorry, let me step out of the shadow here.

Burglaring comes naturally to me and I sometimes forget I don't always need to stay in the shadows.  Hold on a sec, let me put on something more comfortable.

That's better.

Anyway, let me introduce myself properly.  My name is Ruset.  Just Ruset to you since I have professional burgular standards to keep up with.  I have been friends with Andurula for years now.  He and I were in the same kin way back on Gladden server, named Something, Something, Taters.  In fact my name comes from that group. I was one of six young hobbits that all got their start around the same time.  We had some fun, let me tell you, six young low level hobbits tearing up the Shire.  Nothing could stand in our way. Fun times.  Anyway, that's how I know Andu. Andu likes to think of himself as Awesome but he wasn't half so awesome before I taught him how to think like a burg.  Back in the old days he would just go in crashing and bashing until either the orcs or he dropped.  He dropped more often than he will admit, even to me.  I taught him a few tricks and showed him that not every fight needs to be won directly.  Sometimes a little sneak and riddle will get you what you want without all of that messy stuff.

With Andurula gone maybe I can let you in on a little secret.  Andu has hopes of being a movie star!  He was all agog and giggling like a little champ girl the other day when he got a call back for an acting role.  Turns out this 'role' is a silent part named 'Gondor lord'.  Apparently he will be asked to stand around for a few hours and try not to do something stupid.  I give him a 50/50 chance of being successful.  He was all a-twitter; giggling and crying and trying on a thousand outfits in an effort to find  something suitable for 'Gondor Lord'.  Good heavens you would have thought he was playing the lead role or something.  Small beginnings but the crew putting on the production are top notch so I am sure they will take good care of Andu and not make him look too silly.  A little silly might be alright.  He could use a little more humility.  Or maybe a lot. 

So other than the brief trip home to storm through his wardrobe, Andu has been gone this week, to the Brownlands, so he says.  I have noticed a few more maps hanging on the walls and a few new dresses in the wardrobes.  I can't tell you why for certain...  I AM quite certain that there is a well drawn map on Andu's desk, courtesy of  'A casual stroll to Mordor' detailing the mysterious burrow under Bag End.  No new horses in the stables that I know of but I am not too surprised.  Andurula loves collecting good horses but I don't think horses with pretzels on them qualifies as 'good' to Andu.  He is a bit too snobby, errr... particular for that sort of thing.  Actually, there are a lot of pretzel themed items to be found at the festival this year but none of that stuff is making it back to the house storage areas.  Makes me wonder if someone is stockpiling those pretty silk gloves... 

Watch your back !

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bilbo's Birthday

Bilbo Baggins of Bag End in the Shire, currently residing in Rivendell, celebrated a birthday yesterday.  To kick off the party, the Sons of Numenor hosted a group ride from Stock to Rivendell.  They then followed up with a fantasic fireworks display that went on and on and on...

There were some technical glitches but I did managed to put together some moving picture clips for those of you that couldn't make it this year.

It was a really well run event and I enjoyed the change of pace.

In other news, rumor has it that BBB has started production of their next video.  Some of the scenes will be shot on location in Rohan thus requiring a wait until the Rohan campaign actually gets underway.  By what I can gather this one is going to involve a very big cast of extras and the results should be epic if past performance is anything to go by.  Every BBB video gets better than the last and I am really looking forward to this one.

Otherwise, my work on the borders of Rohan continue.  This is what I see most of the time these days.

It is quite annyoying getting hit by grodbg spitballs and not being able to tell where it is coming from.  Thank the Valar for champ AOE is all I can say...

On another happy note, my old hobbit friend Buttertoes Fleetfoot from Gladden server has made the move to Landroval.  It was a pleasant surprise running into her during one of my resupply trips to Bree.  Buttertoes is not the most common of hobbit names perhaps but she is thus nick- named because she has a terrible habit of slipping off cliff faces - slides like butter.  For a race so naturally stealthy Butter is a bit of a throwback.  A good partner to have in a fight though and I am told she can party like no one's business. 

And I guess that wraps up the most recent news from me.

Keep the dirty side down ;-)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Still waiting for the Rohan campaign.

My friends, well my kin now, Theodred's Riders thanked me profusely for my help and extended their gift of kinship.  I had done so much for them and could do little more so at their suggestion I moved to the region of Parth Celebrant  after a brief stopover visiting my favorite spots in Lothlorien.

I spent some time here a half a year or so ago but at the time I was on a serious mission and didn't stop to take in the sights.  With my current downtime I thought it a good time to revisit the area.  The riders of Stangard already consider me an ally of theirs but there are a few things I could do to help their cause so I thought I would do it.

Besides making myself everyone's favorite and Most Awesome Champion I have been doing a bit of scrap booking; going through old photos and organizing them into something meaningful.

With nothing much of note in this blog I guess I could share a few of them here:

This formerly top secret photo was taken during a large scale cavalry event in the Rohan region in preparation for our upcoming assault.  It is not often I get to ride with over a 100 mounted horsemen and it was a really fun time.  Technically it was a stress test of the server and we broke the server in about 10 seconds after we started running.  This is over two months ago and resources have been diverted and the situation is much better now.  Note, these are basic Rohan warsteads that are being made available to a few by the generosity of the Rohirrim peoples.  Great horses but a bit trickier to ride that what most of us are used to.  Speed and inertia management takes some time getting used to but these horses have some great skills.  Riding down warg packs is a whole new game now.  Just don't think you will be ready after five minues of training. Prepare for some frustration and a day or two to get the feel of them. The skill just sort of 'clicks' all of a sudden and then you have it mastered.  Be patient and you might be almost as good as I am someday.  My family name 'Rohir', meaning horse lord in Sindarin, was not given without some thought after all.

The titles says 'Horse' but this isn't any horse but the mighty king of horses Shadowfax.  On another trip into the Rohan region skirting the fringes of Fangorn forest and climbing up some hills, I ran into none other than Gandalf the White.  It was nice to catch up and trade some stories but what I really enjoyed was seeing Shadowfax up close and in person for the first time.  He is a magnificent animal.

Before I left the Isengard area I took this photo.  Nothing too special but I liked the image.  I came, I saw, I kicked some butt.

And then there was Weatherstock IV.  This and other examples are why I chose to move to Landroval.  There are orc butts that need kicking on every server but true kick butt party animals seem to congregate around Landroval.
Speaking of Landroval, a friend of mine, Stiehle, took some moving pictures of the event.  There were some serious technical difficulties that hampered the effort but the end result does bring back some good memories.

And that's about it.  Still banging orc heads and making myself more famous by the day.  My next stop will probably be the Brown Lands. 

I really need to have a friend or two do a guest blog here to jazz it up a bit.  I will see what I can do.

Laters, Taters, :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


A well known and respected member of Landroval passed away last weekend.  I did not know her well but I did know her and had seen her about.  She was by all accounts a very fine and decent person.

I lost a kinmate of my own a few months back just before I made the move to Landroval.  It is a peculiar thing.  You 'play' with them every day for a year or more, laughing, crying, throwing tantrums, winning and losing and after that time you think you know them.  And then RL rears its sometimes ugly head where the rules are different and you suddenly wonder about this person you have been in daily contact with. 

An avatar can be such a freeing thing, allowing you to be whoever you want to be regardless of what RL set you up with.  It can be a 'portal' to yourself in your best or perhaps truest sense; showing to the world exactly how you see yourself.  When something like a RL death  happens you sometimes have the opportunity to see beyond the thin slice of reality that is LOTRO, a slice that is perhaps more real in one sense and least real in any other sense, and see the bigger picture of this person that you thought you knew well. 

There have been a few cases where knowing too much about a player diminished my opinion of them but that is quite rare for me.  In so many cases, such as my former kinmate, finding out more opened a whole book of aspects of their character that I could begin to appreciate.  Knowing a person through an avatar gives me a particular insight into their true self  but seeing how they handled and presented  themselves in the rough RL is really where you see a person's character.  With an avatar you see how a person wants to be.  Outside of the game you see how well they managed to become the person they wanted to be.

I didn't know Shinarra well. I probably exchanged a few inane comments with her and saw her dancing with perfect synchronization with her long time gaming partner.  She seemed like a very nice person and of the type I was hoping to spend more time with when I moved to Landroval. 

I do know how it feels to lose a kinmate to RL.  It is a shock that doesn't easily go away.  There will be many memories left behind. The game won't be the same ever again.  It will go on and it will be fun but it won't go on as it was and it won't be the same fun.  The avatar is still there in cyber space ready to log on but the mind behind the avatar won't be there ever again.  My condolences to the kinship, The Lonely Mountain Band, and to those that knew Shinarra better than I.

It is odd to grieve over an avatar because an avatar is not real.  Or are they?...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Repping and Riding

Quiet times for Andurula the Most Awesome Champ. 

So quiet in fact that I made a trip back to Bobbitville to see the summer festival and learn a few dance moves.  When  you see Andu dancing you know things are slow...

The upcoming campaign into Rohan has been delayed (which I approve of as there were some minor technical issues that still needed addressing though the basic plans look great) I have been helping out Theodred's riders with some work in the Iron Pit.  I have some friends working in the same area so I have been tagging along on some of their adventures too. 

While wandering around the festival grounds I heard of a group ride hosted by that ancient and most honorable fraternity, Sons of Numenor.  My favorite tanking LM and I decided to join in and I was able to put together some moving pictures of the event.    The pictures are a bit crude and it was all taken on the fly with no re-do's so it is what it is.  You can see the results here

My weaponsmithing skills are still in high demand it seems and I have been producing quite a number of second age weapons. I suspect that will end soon with the new and not-so-secret campaign almost ready to go into the plains of Rohan.  Soon there will be new weapons and new recipes to learn which will make most of my current wares obsolete.  Don't worry, I will soon have a new list of weapons available at very reasonable rates. 

My elf friend Grishkana reports that he has achieved kin rep with the jewelers guild house so obtaining new champ runes will be even easier now.  Grish has been killing lots of Aurochs around Esteldin for their hides which my favorite tanking LM seems to have a great need for.

My young friend Stiehle, a hobbit hunter type, has decided to pursue a career as a woodworker.  I hardly see him anymore as he is usually off collecting yew somewhere.  I am not a huge fan of wood weapons in either case but I have friends who prefer those kind of crude toolings.  The bows are pretty to look at but I really prefer to get up close and personal with my orcs.  Just not my style I guess. 

Slow times for Awesome Champs on Landroval these days.  All to change very soon now.

Laters, Taters ;-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Settling in

Andurula has a new house.

With max'ed out storage space this isn't as important as it used to be but it is still a nice place to relax and meet friends far from the troubles of the outside world.

I have always liked the relative quiet of Erid Luin and its a nice diversified area with elves and dwarves around so I did some snooping in the Falathlorn Homesteads.  I found a great community in Imrath Irvin and I would really liked to have purchased there but it was quite full with only one house available way at the back and no room for me to invite some friends to come and join me with their own houses.  So instead I have invested in Lin Adverthad (spelling?) and a couple of old friends have purchased around me.  It is possibly not in the best location but the view out the front door is fantastic.

 And it is very close to the vault and other community vendors which is very convenient.  I really like the small houses with small docks around back for my private fishing parties. The problem for me is the dock is only available on the smaller homes and with all the parties I tend to host the larger 'deluxe' home was more suited to my needs. I settled with having a stream in my backyard.

The community of Lin Aderthad is quite new which I hope means it will be an active community for a while.  I feel a real problem with the housing system in general is that abandoned houses can never be repossessed and re-sold.  That leads to very dead villages after awhile.  I have had conversations with people who know the Lotro Gods and apparently the Gods are less than unconcerned with the housing issue so I guess it will just be my private beef.  It could be so much better with active villages but it just isn't going to happen. On a plus note, since I am close to the main entrance in my village, I can very quickly pop out and pop into that other village of Imrath Irvin which seems to be the one variation from the dead village theme in Lotro. I hear there are some really great parties over there and I am looking forward to dropping in on them.  No, I don't crash parties, sometimes though people are unaware that they should have invited me  I just have to remind them occasionally.

Not much happening on the battle front.  I have been making my presence felt on the borders of  Rohan, increasing my fame and generally polishing my weapons for a move into Rohan proper which should be happening within a month or so. 

My friend Ruset, a hobbit burglar of some skill, whom  you might hear me speak of occasionally has been busy in Mirkwook trying to earn enough fame to be granted one of those really cool black horses the elves there breed.  Ruset is really keen to have a black horse to match his black stealth costume.

My lazy (half) brother  Bjedde recently made himself quite famous in Bree snooping around the Barrows and really shows some talent except he is more concerned with attending concerts and learning yet another dance move.  I wouldn't be surprised if he turns in his dual daggers and buys a harp in order to play in a band. That is the kind of sissy he is.

My buddy Stiehle, a hobbit hunter and leader of the kin "La Grande Armee of the Shire" (bit of an oxymoron isn't it?) took enough time off from chasing girl hobbits and flirting with elves to clear Weathertop of some nasties and help a scraggly Ranger type with some issues with black robed horsemen. Not quite sure what that is about. I haven't seen him in awhile but I hear reports from his friend Saffyyre that they have been hunting / working together out in the Lone Lands.

Near future plans will keep me on the borders of Rohan making my fame greater by the day.  Making weapons is also taking up quite a bit of my time lately and will probably continue to do so.  Maybe in my next blog I will let one of my friends tell a little something about themselves.  Until the great campaign into the Rohan starts there isn't much work for a Champion as skilled as I am which makes blog posting a bit mundane and pointless.  Hopefully some of my lesser friends can entertain you in my absence. 

Until next time friends,

Go smoosh some orcs ;-)


The new address is 1 Twinfall path.  Feel free to drop by, the door is always open.  The chests of course will be locked as there is currently a thief on the loose and many people have been complaining about it.  I never leave much in there anyway other than some crafting materials (have I mentioned recently that I am an ore whore?)  Anyone that needs access my chests has it.  If you can't get in then you probably don't need to be there.  Anyway, the house is only partialy decorated but feel free to drop by anytime.  If you use the place for a wild orgy please, invite me so I can join, and clean up when you are done.  Not too much to ask I think.  Laters...

Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, I have arrived on Landroval and have begun sorting through the mess the movers left with me.

It could have been an easy move.  Take Andu, take a few coins, kick some butt on Landroval, -simple.

There is a problem though; Andurula is an ore whore.  Not just that I collect extra ore but I collect every scrap of craft material I can lay my hands on.  To be the best you have to have the best equipment and the best equipment in LOTRO  comes from crafting.  Occasionally, a high level instance will grant something pretty and perhaps slightly superior to crafted gear but overall, there is no substitute for home crafted gear.

It isn't enough to have a sufficient supply for the next year or two.  I need enough supplies to start a friend on the right path to crafting.  Some days my friends laugh at me for my hoarding but the day always comes when they think, "hmmm... wouldn't it be nice if I could craft scholar potions... at Westfold level" When that day comes, Andu is your daddy.  Sit down dear friend and click these buttons. In four hours you too will be a Westfold scholar. Now make me some Athelas potions.

So, I arrived yesterday on Landroval with stuffed bags and I am in the process of sorting it out.  I am also going through my cosmetics collection.  In the past, a decent set of armour was all Andu needed to look his best but now that he is on Landroval, he needs to step up his game.  This is the land after all where rose colored hawtpants are all the rage ( see Aegthil's blog for the disturbing pictures). So, I am sorting through my wardrobe and putting my favorite scholar friend (Gwidian the dorf) to work mixing up dyes for a new and unique look to my wardrobe.

I really wish I could buy more storage space.

Now I have to think about buying a local home.  I have always been fond of the elven architecture around Duillond and its a nice quiet place to rest after my conquests.  I think I am going to look around there and see what's available.

Until next time my friends,


Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the Beginning

The decision was made. Andu is moving to Landroval. With this time of change it seemed a good moment to open a blog as a focal point for all my adoring fans to gather their praise in one location. You all love me I know and I love to hear it again and again. You are all the bestest of fans.

Who am I?!

oh dear, it seems you have been in a dark dark cave for far too long. Let me illuminate you so that you may bask in my greatness.

I am Andurula Rochir. Born in Bree, of Gladden server. I grew up alone among the wild things and exploring the dangerous ways leaving orc corpses wherever I went. As a young adult, I was riding along outside of Esteldin, North Downs when a call came out for help subduing the ancient fortress of Fornost. Never one to ignore the calls of the distressed, I answered the call and thereby became associated with that fine organization that went by the name "Something, Something, Taters. They were a close knit talented group on the rise and I rose alongside them. Along the way they taught me things like "rep items are to be used for reputation, not sold as junk". Imagine how my life could have been if I hadn't been throwing out that crap for all those forty odd levels....

Anyway... My new friends were: Dwalic, a dorf Guardian wise in the way of group tactics and the hidden back ways that led to our victory, Leilal the exceptionally talented elven Minstrel (really, I mean really talented, never have seen a better one since; simply mind blowingly amazing) Aliannah, the courageous elven hunter that got me into trouble more often than I can count. Need a partner for a suicidal mission?... Ali will always be there. Emden, a fine man Captain who buffed me exceptional well. I leave what that means to your imagination. Emden had a thing for bears though so please don't hurt them when he is around. I, of course, was the perfect complement for the team with my sustained dps. I could then and can now keep the pressure up for hours and hours and never get tired. My stamina is truly amazing.

This team took me from North Downs to the Misty Mountains, to Moria, to Lothlorien and Mirkwood. As I traveled far my fame could only spread earning me the title "Champion of Eriador". I have a keepsake of that award around here somewhere...

As with all things though, the end must come and that fabulous team slowly wandered off to new adventures. A few remain and we run into each other occasionally on some random quest or another. Alone, I maintained the pressure on Saruman pushing his forces back from Dunland and to the very gates of Rohan (metaphorically speaking since there is no gate leading into Rohan).

Along the way, I accepted a position as mentor to a rather hard headed and obstinate Lore Master that doesn't understand the intricacies of aggro management. While talented she still tends to tank fights and generally makes my life difficult. Morageth, I love you as only a man can love an elf.

With most of the evil worlds cowed to my exceptionalism I have taken to more leisurely pursuits such as attending concerts and making videos and trying couples dancing. Killing orcs is easy for someone as exceptional as me, dancing side by side with a partner and not stepping all over them is hard. Really hard.

So that brings me to today. At the moment, my bags are packed and I am ready for the new world of Landroval. I have done a little preliminary scouting in the Rohan and am gearing up for a new campaign coming this September. I could tell you more of those plans but then I would have to cut out your tongue. The Gods of Turbine are rather serious about keeping one's mouth shut about upcoming campaigns.

Photos, videos, interesting links and occasional nude photos of me vacationing on the beach in my speedo are coming. Please stay tuned.

Yours Truly,


Oh, maybe a quick photo to color up a dull blog page. This comes from a Tier 2 instance versus the dragon Draigoch. Naturally, I kicked his flaming butt.