Saturday, December 14, 2013

End of season update

Yes, I am a bad blogger, a very very bad blogger.

The fact is though that I have been on a bit of a vacation.  After dealing with the frequent blackouts, freezes, jumpiness and fatal errors upon entering doorways I found myself spending more and more time mining asteroids and developing a manufacturing empire in the EVE universe.  I have also complained in the past  about the lack of challenge for one so gifted as myself and while I can artificially create a challenge by running around naked I wasn't really enjoying my work and when work starts feeling like work then maybe it is time to do something other that work. If you know what I mean...

My former problem seems to be solved.  I am not sure what the exact cure was but my doctor mumbled something about 8 core, 16GB RAM, Nvidia, 1TB HD, SSD, blah blah blah.  I didn't understand a thing but I do know that the frequent blackouts and such are gone and my eyesight is crisp and clean like never before.

With my health returning I went into the Wildemore.  It was rather nice exploring a new area with everyone else moving on to the recent West Rohan campaign.  I felt like I had the whole area to myself.  Of course the whole idea of Middle Earth is hanging out with friends, if I wanted to be by myself I should probably revisit Skyrim or something but whatever, I have lived in Middle Earth for a long time and it was nice to spend some time in it especially with my sight so much improved.  I swear Landroval couldn't match my eyesight these days.

As for my second problem.. well, that hasn't become any better and is in fact worse.  Life is too easy.  I found in my absence that my skills have gone rusty/missing/ all mixed up.  I clearly and not as competent or versatile as I used to be but even with that fact I can usually take a nap in the middle of a battle with nasty orcs and not worry about it too much.  When I wake up I whack them once or twice and they go away.  No challenge not much fun but I do enjoy my homelands and I am not going to leave.  I might spend more time making videos and less time saving the world however.

Speaking of videos, I have heard rumors of another BBB video involving large battles with multiple cameras.  It should be really interesting and yet another ambitious move forward for the BBB.  Naturally BBB have sent agents to speak with my agents and we are negotiating my fees.  I am sure we will work something out and my fans can look forward to me starring in yet another full feature film.

I haven't done much filming lately with my new improved eyesight but I have included a few clips here just to demonstrate what I can see these days.  I think anyone who has seen my earlier clips will appreciate the improvement.  Maybe it is time to consider remaking my very first feature  film.  A film, naturally, all about me.   

Laters, Taters,