Sunday, March 10, 2013

Videos and Proteges

Proteges first I guess.  I have had time to look around for good videos because I am spending most of my time mentoring others including my protege Brorlion Badaxe, an up and coming champ of dwarfish stature.  He has been quite energetic and eager to learn and it has been fun showing him the ropes. 

He was reluctant about leaving his home in Erid Luin but after completely eliminating any worthwhile activities up there I convinced him to visit a champ trainer outside of Bree.  From there I sent him to the Barrow Downs where he has been quite happy making dead things even more dead.  To be honest, I am not sure how you kill dead things but it seems to be very similar to killing living things so I pointed the way and Brorlion took it to task. 

I have also been giving Bror various deeds to perform to increase his basic abilities.  I tell him, " Go kill 90 slugs in the Shire" and he happily runs off and starts doing what champs do best.  This has left me with plenty of time to look for new and interesting moving pictures.

One of the great discoveries of mine this past week was a moving picture maker by the name of Lina Willowood.  I really like some of the stuff she has done and here is a sample.

Probably my favorite find of the week however is another new moving picture maker Floradine Strongfoot.  Here is a really sweet and simple video that is very well done.  I liked the video and once I had a friend of mine explain the lyrics (written in German) I absolutely loved the video.  I really hope to see more moving pictures like this.

Finally, for something a little different, I would like to recomend these guys.  They do some "interesting" interpretations of the world we all know and love.

That's it for now, I expect Brorlion to be back any moment now after being sent on a quest to hunt 90 orcs around Breeland.  I think I need to send him back to the Barrows next.  There is more dead things that need to be made more dead.

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